What is Monthly Biocides Information Report (MBIR)

Monthly Biocides Information Report (MBIR) is a monthly information (marketing, regulatory, technical) report covering the Biocides industry. All information from MBIR is added to a major intelligence database containing facts and trends about the Biocides industry and its end-user industries, from Cosmetics, Disinfectants, Household Products to Metalworking Fluids, Paints, Water Treatment and Wood Preservatives. The information is obtained from over 200 broad range of publications, including trade journals and magazines, newspapers, company press releases, annual and interim reports, advertisements and market research alerts. Coverage is worldwide. Much of the source material is translated from languages other than English.

For subscribing companies, MBIR can be sent by email to as many company personal as you specify at no extra cost. In addition, all intelligence goes in to a Web based databank which can be retrieved using a password.

How to Access Monthly Biocides Information Report

Access to the Monthly Biocides Information Report  is only by subscription. If you would like to subscribe to this service, please email us for further information.

Objectives of Monthly Biocides Information Report

  • To provide information which is highly focused on a monthly basis to biocide suppliers.
  • Focused means information on biocides, suppliers, patents, regulations and industries that use biocides.

Contents of Monthly Biocides Information Report

  • Marketing data and industry trends / forecasts on all industries that use biocides.
  • New biocide actives / formulations and applications.
  • Competitor environment including company strategy, marketing and financial results.
  • Legislation and regulation in the biocide industry.
  • Environmental issues likely to impact on biocide suppliers.

Benefits of Monthly Biocides Information Report

  • Increases your market knowledge and makes your long term strategic planning more accurate.
  • Helps to position your products in appropriate market niches.
  • Keeps you informed of regulatory developments and allows you to be proactive.
  • Customised Reports (only industries that you specify)
  • Free tracker service (follow up press report on your behalf).
  • Fee access to Internet based databank for all past reports
  • Regular meetings to evaluate how databank is meeting your requirements.