Global Biocides Report

  We produce the Global Biocides report each year.

  • The global Biocide consumption is estimated at $ 6.7 billion at active manufacture level and $ 11 billion at formulated level in 2015. The main factors affecting the Biocides industry are: (1) increased construction growth (2) industrialization in emerging markets (3) lowering of VOC's in end-products and (4) growing hygiene awareness.
  • Biocides market growth in Europe, Japan and North America is estimated at 1%, 0% and 2% respectively. The developing regions are forecasted to grow 4 %.


  • In recent years, Asia has enjoyed remarkable economic progress with increasing demand in construction, packaging, transportation and consumer products industries.  These in turn are driving growth of key end-use industries such as paints and coatings, adhesive and sealants and synthetic latex polymers. Consequently, the Biocide  preservation applications are leading market demand, accounting for the largest consumption of speciality Biocides in both volume and value terms. Water based adhesives and paints are enjoying fast growth due to the low volatile organic compound (VOC) emission trend which is gaining momentum.   The rapid rate of urbanisation as well as growing awareness about the importance of effective sanitisers, in combination with growing disposable income contributes to growth in consumption in hygiene applications. Hygiene applications are the second biggest end-use industry. The water  treatment industry will also witness healthy economic growth due to the increasing number of new power plants and heavy industries.      While isothiazolinones lead the market by value, other important Biocides include chlorhexidine, DBNPA, glutaraldehyde, IPBC, peracetic acid, PHMB, Quats, Silver and Zinc Pyrithione.


  • The Biocides industry is governed by end industry growth, technological developments, regulatory changes and the growing usage of industry standards.
  • Biocide Information (BI) analyses each of these developments by specific end-user industry and their likely impact, according to three geographical areas (America, Asia Pacific and Europe).  In addition, the GLOBAL BIOCIDES REPORT provides detailed marketing data regarding Biocides, major applications, suppliers and customers.



  • To provide Marketing data on biocides, major biocide applications, suppliers and customers.
  • To identify and analyse the trends taking place within the biocide industry.

Contents of Study

  • Comprehensive overview of 20 end-user applications and Biocides used.
  • Biocide consumption for each end-user application
  • Biocide consumption for each geographical region
  • Margin analysis for Biocides at each level along supply chain.
  • Distribution analysis for Biocides
  • Consumption of Biocides expressed at manufacture level and end-user level.
  • Pricing of Biocides by geographical region
  • Biocide supplier analysis and profile of the leading players
  • Expected Growth of the global Biocides Industry
  • 600+ pages


  • More than 300 in-depth interviews with end-users, suppliers and formulators.
  • Other sources of information, e.g., Monthly Biocides Information Report, industry  associations.


BI believes that our estimates are within 20% of actual values.

Feedback from Multiclient Studies


"Presentation is excellent ... the data is presented in the form of tables and charts, making key facts visible at a glance."
"The information has been gathered from a wide variety of sources, which ensures a complete and accurate picture."
"Different from other multiclient studies due to the strong end-user focus. This gives it a high degree of credibility."
"The study correlates with what we know in the industries that we participate in. This makes it useful for our strategic plans."